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Frequently asked Questions About Extension Plans Luton?


Why do we charge so much less than other architect ?

Architects usually work from large offices and employ more staff receptionists advisers and so on, they often design high risk blocks or amazing glass towers or stunning cutting edge bridges also most architectural practices still consider the domestic market as was years ago a lucrative sideline charging homeowners ridiculous prices. We specialize in domestic house plans and can therefore draw on a wealth of knowledge gained from having prepared similar projects locally many times before. We also use the latest equipment to produce floor plans and elevations quickly indeed we are often asked to produce existing floor plans and elevations for architect and there practices because we can do it more cost effectively than they can.

What is Planning permission?

Planning Permission is the formal approval you must obtain from your local council when building work is to be commenced that will result in

“a change of use of a building or it’s land, a change in it’s appearance, changes in the highway access or changes to the local environment”

In basic terms, your local planning department are not concerned with how structurally sound your extension is or how thick your insulation is going to be. They are there to decide what sort of impact your new building is going to have on it’s surroundings. This may include aesthetics (i.e. What style windows you are planning to use, what colour bricks you will use, what roof shape you have chosen or how the building adjoins to your existing home). This may also include access issues (i.e. Whether you will need a new driveway and how this would affect the existing highway). The planners will also want to know if any trees are likely to be affected by your new proposal and this could impact their decision to let you proceed with the work. These are just a few examples to give you a feel of what is going through your local planner’s head as he or she looks through your drawings and application forms.

Not all new buildings or extensions need planning permission. There are now certain types and sizes of developments and extensions that come under the what is called Permitted Development rights. To find out if you need planning permission, just call your local council or give KJG design a call.

To get Planning Permission for a new extension or addition to your home, your local authority will want architectural drawings, completed application form and marked OS maps show the location of the new development. Parking provision statements, and on some occasions additional statements are required such as design and access statement, tree survey or statement, and heritage statements.

KJG Design are experienced Architectural Designers and Technicians and can produce all the relevant  plans on your behalf, complete all the relevant forms documentation and statements and arrange any addition survey required. We also liaise with your local planning authority to ensure your application has the best chance of being approved.

What are Permitted development rights?

Not all projects require planning permission, if you have never had extensions on your property before, you don't live in a listed building or in a conservation area and your extension or loft conversion is within a certain criteria you may qualify for a Lawful Development Certificate, which means you will not need planning but probably will require building regulation approval.

How long does planning and building regulation approval take to be processed?

The process can vary from council to council. A decision on planning approval is normally a standard 8 weeks Building regulation approval normally takes approximately 4-6 weeks but again can occasionally run over.

What are the Building Regulations?

When a Home Extension, loft conversion is designed it needs to comply with Building Regulations, which are a set of minimum standards for design and health and safety in Building works. These standards are enforced by your councils building control department These standards are for; Structure, Drainage, Plumbing, Ventilation, Materials, Insulation, means of escape for fire, etc.

Making a Building Regulation application.

In domestic projects you have one of two routes to make a building Regulation application:

1) Full Plans application:  which involves submitting detailed drawings and structural calculations which is approved before your start works.

2) Building Notice application:  which involves submitting a building notices when work starts on the site a building control officer will checks and approve work at regular intervals.

What is the Party Wall Act?.

If you are thinking of altering or extending your home? This Act may apply to you. The Party Act came into force on 1 July 1996 and applies throughout England and Wales. It provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to Party Walls, Boundary Walls and Excavations near Neighboring Buildings. Anyone intending to carry out work of the kinds described in the Act must give Adjoining Owners notice of their intentions.

When are your fees due?

50% of the fee is paid on the survey date or before we start drawing your plans, when the plans are approved by you and you are happy for them to be submitted to the council you the pay us the remaining 50% of the fee. The building regulation drawings are produced as soon as we know you application has been approved, or when you instruct us to do so, the fees are due before drawing commences.

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